The Anglo-French Alliance occured on 1088 when the kingdoms of France and England formed an alliance via a double marriage alliance.

Events Leading up to the AllianceEdit

Initially, France and England remained neutral but had Trade Rights with each other. After the death of Prince Rufus in the Battle of York, however, William decided he needed to marry his son, Prince Robert, to a noblewoman to ensure the throne would always have an heir. When he learned of Constance of France, he sent his daughter Cecilia to meet with her.

The Treaty of MarsailleEdit

Cecilia met with Constance just outside the French city of Marsaille. The french princess agreed to the proposal instantly and asked if Cecilia would marry her brother, Prince Louis. Cecilia agreed and the weddings of of Prince Louis to Cecilia and Prince Robert to Constance were held on the same day in Caen.


Cecilia went to live with Prince Louis in Toulouse while Constance lived with Robert in Rennes.