The Battle of Rennes was a struggle for the city of Rennes, which was located next to the English castle, Caen. It was led by English Prince Robert against Rebel Captain Georges.

The Battle of Rennes
Some attributes
First English led by Prince Robert.
Second Rebels led by Captain Georges.
Third Years 1082-1084
Other attributes
Fourth 789 English vs. 300 Rebels.
Fifth 360 English losses and complete Rebel army lost.
Sixth English victory; Rennes joins England


The English first lay siege to Rennes in 1082 but had no siege equipment. After two years, they had built 3 rams, though only one would be used in the battle. By this time, Robert had been delivered the news of Rufus' death and was granted the title of Prince. His brother's failure is said to have saved Robert in this battle.

The English first attacked Rennes after a blizzard had past. They sent a group of peasants with a ram, accompannied by the archers for safety. The rebels had mostly retreated to the square, though two spearmen units remained at the gates.

The English began firing at the spearmen behind the gates while the peasants began to break the gates down. After successfully breaching the walls, the peasants broke ranks and attacked the spearmen, though outnumbered three to one. Robert then ordered the infantry to charge and led the charge himself. The rest of the Rebel army met with Robert at the gates, and a battle for the walls began. The English held the walls well thanks to the peasants who rushed in, though they lost it for a brief moment when the Rebel archers began to fire at Robert's unit.

The Rebels were pushed back and Robert ordered a charge onto the archers. He was soon surrounded, however, by a mix of peasants and spearmen, much like his brother was two years ago. Not making the same mistake, Robert retreated to the walls, rallying his men from there.

The battle didn't continue much longer and the Rebel commander, Captain Geroges, was killed when his horse was rushed by a group of English Spearmen. The Rebels were pushed with their backs to the wall and were all eventually killed.


The city of Rennes was occupied and many of its buildings rebuilt and upgraded. Prince Robert was scarred in the battle but ultimately lived thanks to his quick thinking and well armored horse. This battle is said to mirror the Battle of York as the English lost much fewer men and their commander lived.